7 Best Pop Up Camper Awning 2023 – Folding & Retractable

The possibility of living in an RV has become more prevalent in recent years, and usually love to spend most of the time in an RV. There’s nothing like living in your RV all year long or taking advantage of every chance to go for a short weekend trip. But when you plan to go on RV, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to carry the useful accessories. As we all know van or RV is compact.

So, the best possible solution is to have the Best Pop Up Camper Awning. You can increase your available room by almost double by having a pop up camper awning.

The pop-up camper is a Recreational Vehicle that can be folded and towed for easy storage and transportation. The pop up camper awnings is cool because they transform into just about anything. For example, you can set up a backyard setup in your compound or take a camping trip. Pop up campers often include inside areas where you can sit down, sleep, and cook. So, let’s have a deep look.

Best Pop Up Camper Awning 2022

Find out the best pop up camper awnings that can best meet your needs by visiting our website. In this guide, we have the 7 best awnings on the market. We chose multiple types of awning suitable for different surroundings and vehicles in choosing models. With so many options, there will be something for everyone. And we hope you find the best for yourself.

ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning Rooftop Pull-Out Retractable

The first on our list is Retractable Awning for Pop Up Camper which prevents your RV, car, and van from rain, sunlight, snow, and leaves whenever you’re outside. It can give 67 square feet of shade, and with this awning, you can adjust the height according to your vehicle’s needs. In addition, you can adjust the height from 4 feet to 7 feet.

280 GSM polyester ripstop fabric is used in construction, and it has a 10000 mm PU coating along with UV50+ protection. On the other hand, it is equipped with an aluminum frame and a telescopic pole. The telescopic pole twist-lock design offers an easy and swift setup. The construction is highly durable so try it without hesitating.

Almost all roof racks and roof bars can be fitted with this retractable awning. It is easy to store after use as it is lightweight; it weighs only 23 pounds. Further, the package contains winding ropes, mounting brackets, wrenches, bolts, nails,

a manual, and a storage bag. All the things that you need for installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight awning
  • Moderate price
  • High strength poles


  • Poor legs construction
  • Poles are not durable

ARB 4×4 Accessories 814409 Retractable Awning with Led Light Strip

Experience this Pop Up Camper Awning that enables you to adjust the height according to your vehicle or need. It got adjustable telescopic legs. This awning has a durable construction with heavy-duty PU-coting and uses 300 GSM poly/cotton ripstop canvas. In addition, it is fully waterproof along with a UVP 50+ rating.

This Pop Up Camper Canopy attaches easily to most vehicles as it is a self-standing retractable awning. You can attach it easily with rood bars or racks. Besides, it is designed to use in harsh weather as it has a solid aluminum extrusion with thick reinforcements. An outer bag comprises nylon reinforced PVC to keep it dry and sheltered from the weather.

It is pretty easy to install; you will get the complete accessories for installation. You can install a dual cab trade rack, and it is ready to give you the shade of 6.5 feet. The package contains guy ropes along with a peg that provides additional security to legs, mounting nuts made of stainless steel, bolts, and instruction manuals.

Moreover, an LED light strip comes with the package, and it only needs to be installed once in the awning sleeve. Once the light is fixed every time, it packs up easily with the awning, and it only consumes 30 seconds.

Now you can combine this awing with ARB 4 x 4 other accessories such as Universal Mounting Brackets PN 813402, Different Quick Release Brackets, Awning Floor PN 813404, Awning Room PN 813208 and get the best possible results.


  • Heavy-duty awning
  • Aluminum hard case
  • Very well made and sleek awning
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof and has UV protection


  • Poor customer service
  • Not suitable for big vans

Tuff Stuff Rooftop Awning, 170G, 6.5′ x 8′

Get a hand on this Tuff Stuff rooftop awning that is not only designed to provide shade to you but also gives ultimate comfort, storage space, easiness, and convenience when you’re traveling on your van, RV, or other vehicles. As a result, the rooftop awning mounts and supports your existing roof rack while you are on the trail.

It provides you up to 8 feet of shade outward and 6.5 feet of shade across. It enables you to adjust the 12 volts dimming LED light strip according to your need in order to illuminate the entire camp. Moreover, this product has been tested to resist strong winds and severe weather. The cover is made from heavy-duty PVC along with an aluminum frame that is safe and durable. And the zipper is robust, so give it a try without any hesitation.

This Roll Up Awning for Pop Up Camper enables you to mount in various ways by simply using the L bracket system. It is easy to install, and all the accessories that you require for installation come with the package. You can mount it on your existing roof racks as well. It got four support arms so it can bear harsh weather.


  • Perfect for the money
  • quickly sets up and tears down
  • Amazing customer support
  • Design with durable material


  • It is a little tricky to set up
  • Flimsy frame

REDCAMP Waterproof Car Awning Sun Shelter

A multilayer car awning from REDCAMP offers waterproof, fabric layer, and UV50+ features at the same time. It is a well-made shelter that covers your vehicles, along with that, its side shades make it a very compact shelter for storing and carrying purposes.

This Pop Up Camper Shaded is PU 3000 waterproof UV 50+ sunscreen and a 190T polyester fiber, making it a durable choice for every camper. Now you can cover all your vehicles and the area you need to. As it offers a large sunshade space in the open area. Further, it comes with a sidewall that is large enough to provide you with ample space.

The combined weight of the bag when not open is almost 10 pounds only. Enjoy portability features with this as it offers compactness and is easy to transport. In addition, it comes with a 1-year warranty that brings peace of mind for the users in case they don’t find it perfect for usage.


  • Available in many colors and styles
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Durable and very well-designed
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Installation is a bit time-consuming

Versatility Teardrop Awning

If you are searching for a shelter that does not require you to adjust the car dimensions, then here is a perfect awning that comes with four-section steel pipes that do not require any particular dimension. This lightweight, sturdy, stable, and easy to assemble awning for every vehicle and occasion.

Enjoy a large shaded area that allows you to cover your tables, children, pets, and chairs at the same time. Further, enjoy this durable awning that is made of polyester fabric is a perfect quality to come with. The 60 x 70 sq. ft overall dimension makes it a perfect combination to withstand sun, wind, rain, and diverse weather conditions.

Moreover, there is a vent for air at its peak to allow it to pass through, and its window gives proper ventilation. When it comes to the awning height, there is nothing to worry about as you will enjoy complete adjustable features for height, making it a versatile option.

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It is a multi-purpose awning as it fits perfectly with any of your sedans, SUVs, or RV hatchback. All you have to do is rope it to your vehicle, and there you go, you have a perfect gazebo to spend quality time with your friends and family members.


  • It gives up to 76 feet of shade
  • Made with 210T polyester fabric
  • Fit almost any type of vehicle
  • Reasonable price
  • Waterproof awning


  • Setup is not easy

ARB 813108A Awning Room Accessory Deluxe with Floor

If you want a shelter that can provide you with the luxury of a room, then this might be your ultimate choice. It comes with internal storage, a mosquito net, a rear wall, mesh pockets, and a separate ceiling. These plenties of features make it the best pop up camper awning for your perfect outdoor adventures.

Starting with exterior walls that comprise 300D polyester with the outside cover with a UV treated material. Now coming onto the roof material, it comes with a cress flow ventilated mesh roof that offers midge-proof side panels that offers heavy-duty endurance due to its nylon hooks. You can enjoy a waterproof floor that is made with heavy-duty polyethylene.

Enjoy a complete room that is enclosed on either side with a mosquito net for insect protection. Moreover, this shelter provides you with privacy as you have to lower the exterior walls in order to avoid light, wind, and insects. You get mesh pockets that can carry your magazines and belongings with this awning. The top corners of the bag feature two zippered ports for gaining access to power cables. And the ladder organizer is removable and can be mounted either on the right or left side of the rear. The cables and wires are managed neatly and safely with power cord guides incorporated into the roof corners


  • It works as a fully fenced room
  • It comes with a mesh pocket panel
  • Works great in bad weather
  • Solid and well-made


  • Setup is not easy
  • Poor customer service

REDCAMP Waterproof Car Awning Sun Shelter

If you want professional gear for all your outdoor adventures, this car awning from REEDCAMP surely is a must to look at. A multi-purpose, durable, and UV50+ sunscreen provides you with complete protection from scorching heat. You can further enjoy a 365 days return policy that brings peace of mind for users.

This awning requires a max of 15 minutes for two persons for the perfect setup. Further, the size of this sun shelter makes you feel comfortable in crowded places and keeps your privacy. Additionally, enjoy sheltering with this multi-purpose shelter for your trailers, hatchbacks, sedans, and pickups. 

A three-tier design features a waterproof layer making it a perfect combination for sunny and rainy days. Its Ripstop 190T makes it a tearproof shelter, and its two plastic sprayed steel pipes won’t be blown away in the wind. Enjoy UV50+ composition for perfect sunscreen protection. Further, the sheet is long enough for the users to enjoy it for any weather conditions, especially in windy conditions. And when it comes to the overall weight of the shelter, it is made of lightweight material that makes it an extra-light shelter for your cars and trailers.


  • It fits over the hatchback of the vehicle
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Lightweight
  • Moderate price
  • Durable construction


  • No instruction manual
  • Needs 2 men for installation

How To Install A Pop Up Camper Awning

There is no rocket science in installing a pop-up camper awning. It is obvious that all the vans, RVs, and jeeps are not the same in size and dimensions. So, the process of installation varies from model to model; there is not much difference, but a bit. Mostly, the awning can be installed on the side of the top of your vehicle.

You can use your roof to fit other equipment when you install an awning on the side of your vehicle. It is possible to install some models directly onto roof racks or van, jeep, or RV rails. Therefore, attaching and removing the awning is easier. If you want to use it inside, then the permanent solution is also considered to be the best.

If you’re a beginner and having a problem with installation, here we are sharing the video for your ease. You just have to follow a few steps.

How to Choose the Best Pop Up Camper Awning

Sometimes, it is hard to find the camper awning as many factors demand your attention. So, here we have a detailed buying guide for your ease.

Types of Awning


As the name refers, a slide-out awning is a permanent or semi-permanent awning attached to your RV or vehicle, which makes it convenient to open or slide out. You typically wrap the fabric up in a cover to protect it when it’s not being used.

There are several differences between slideout awnings and roller awnings. One reason is that they are typically stored underneath the RV, van, or trailer’s roof. Mechanical systems might allow them to unfold. And you will do it by yourself easily.

Thanks to their slide-out feature, which makes installation quick and easy. And it doesn’t matter whether you use a manual or electric handle. Although they are easy to operate, they do require much maintenance. Further, the awning keep since must be cleaned from dust and debris before retraction.


This is another type of awning, and it is best if you are a bit, lazy person. If that is the case, then you can always install a pop up RVs awning. These awnings are easy to transport, and it’s important to have enough space in your RV or van to accommodate them. Furthermore, these awnings are not mounted on the RV’s roof rack or camper van.


This is another type of awning, and it is also known as the tent. A tent or drive-away awning comes in handy for those who spend much time in RV. It is the best for them and thinks of them as portable tents or rooms. Besides, you can cook and spend time comfortably in your camper van with the side extensions that attach to it.

In addition to providing well defense against wind and other elements than simple shade awnings, they can also provide better protection from bugs.

Compatible with your Vehicle

Now, after the types, the first important factor that requires your attention is compatibility. Usually, awnings attach to the top and side of the camper van through roof rails, and you can attach it with brackets. And Several connecting rails use to secure the awning.

So, it is essential to check the compatibility before choosing any of the awnings. Moreover, all the awnings above we select for you come with accessories that you need for installation.

Size & Weight

Make sure before picking any awning you know the dimensions of your vehicle. Awnings are also used as additional rooms or as additional storage space. So, if you want a place to shelter from the wind or other elements, you’ll go for a larger model.

 The awnings are available in several sizes, so before you buy, verify the dimensions and height to ensure it fits in your camper. The above-mentioned awnings have an adjustable height that allows you to adjust according to your vehicle’s needs.

Before selecting, consider how heavy a non-fixed model is because it is a bit challenging to install. Moreover, taking weight into account, camper awnings that are mounted to your vehicle are unlikely to be too heavy once installed. On the other hand, heavy canopies are much more reliable in poor weather. If you choose a lightweight option, you’ll find setting it up much easier. However, it may also prove less reliable in bad weather.


How much wind can pop up camper take?

It is important to take precautions to protect yourself if the wind reaches 40 mph or higher. Usually, tents are designed to withstand some wind, but there may be some exceptions to the rule. So, be calm, and don’t panic.

How much does it cost to replace awning fabric?

Awning fabric is easily repaired and the cost ranges from $100 to $400. It depends on the various things, such as type of awning, fabric, and size.

Type of awningSmall SizeMedium Size
Mechanized Awning  $1500$2000
Manual Slideout  $500$1000
Fixed Awning  $250$500
Patio-style Awning  $1500$2500

Do pop up campers have awnings?

The answer is absolute yes; all the products we have mentioned above are the best pop up camper awning. Check them as they are available in different sizes and colors, and you can adjust the height according to your need.


When you’re camping, you can significantly increase your level of comfort by using the best pop up camper awning. A tiny change can make a world of difference! Besides doubling your living space, you will be protected from the harsh sun and severe weather.

The products we choose for you are highly versatile and made with durable materials. They give 60 to 70 feet of shade, and it depends on the installation angle. And, they are pretty easy to install. If you are looking for an affordable and versatile sunshade, this is a great choice. Besides, it will not withstand high winds.

So, keep this in mind when you’re choosing. Relish Camping!

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