Best RV Clothes Hangers 2023 – Non-Slipping, Space Saving

RV is compact, and their closet is also. If the clothes are not organized or not in their place, the RV looks messy, and folding the clothes is one of the most frustrating tasks. The easiest way to avoid this maddening situation is the use of Best RV Clothes Hangers. These hangers are compact and space-saving. So, these hangers offer you to hang your maximum cloth when traveling on your RV.

Top 3 RV Clothes Hangers 2022

We picked the top 3 RV Hangers that are based on people’s reviews and ratings. These hangers are best for everyday usage.

Top Pick
SONGMICS 50 Pack Heavy-Duty Plastic Coat HangersCheck on Amazon
Amazon Basics Slim, Non-Slip Sui, Velvet Covered HangersCheck on Amazon
#Editor’s Choice
JS Hanger Solid Wooden Suit Hangers, Coat HangersCheck on Amazon

SONGMICS 50 Pack Heavy-Duty Plastic Coat Hangers

RV looks messy if the clothes are not in their proper place. So, try these Camper Hangers in your RV to keep your pressed clothes neat and clean, and the RV looks perfect. The pack contains 50 hangers that are more than enough to use daily in an RV.

The best thing about these hangers is that they are highly space-saving. They have slim in design, and the thickness is only 0.2 inches, and this feature makes it best for RV Closet Rod. In addition, even though these hangers are pretty thin, they have the strength to hold up to 11 pounds. They can handle those heavy sweaters and jackets, so don’t bother them. Moreover, these coat hangers design have a 360° swivel hook.

These RV clothes hangers are designed with heavy-duty plastic, which makes them durable and robust. Getting delicate blouses on your closet floor becomes less of a problem with the grippy, as the Briscoes coat hangers have a non-slip surface. Further, there is also a place for scarves and camisoles on the small hooks on the side and the central bar.


  • Perfect for different clothing
  • Thin but very strong
  • Non-slip grip
  • Great storage capacity


  • Average quality construction
  • Slightly high price

Amazon Basics Slim, Non-Slip Sui, Velvet Covered Hangers

Upgrade your wardrobe with these stylish RV Hangers that come in a variety of colors and styles. These hangers are suitable for hanging blazers, heavy coats, shirts, trousers, and pants. Further, they hold up to 10 pounds of weight. So, give a try these RV Clothes Hangers that are slim in design and have velvet coating along with metal hooks.

These hangers have non-slip support that keeps your clothes in their place as well as there will be no slippage. In addition to their rounded edges, these hangers feature notches that hold shoulder straps in place and stop clothing from becoming distorted.

Amazon Basics hangers are lightweight and weigh only 2.08 ounces. So, they are suitable for everyday usage as they have solid metal construction. The metal construction makes it durable. Further, they have compact and designed and can be used on a hanging rack, rolling rack, wardrobe, or hanging bar. These are the Best Space Saving Hangers.


  • Perfect for clothes that usually slip and slide
  • Thin and save space
  • Available in many colors
  • Reasonable price


  • Sometimes handle swivel loosely
  • Velvet dust coming off

JS Hanger Solid Wooden Suit Hangers, Coat Hangers, Walnut Finish

When you’re camping in your RV, the closet should be set, and the hangers must be solid and durable. These hangers add a touch of luxury and fashion by accentuating the wood grain with gloss. These Camping Clothes Hangers are designed with 100% hardwood, and all the hangers have walnut finishing. Further, many colors are available to match any decor of your RV.

Your clothes will remain set despite the heavyweight, thanks to solid wood construction. The hanger shoulder has precisely the right amount of notches and is suitable for hanging shoulder straps. Additionally, these Camping Hangers are non-slip, and clothing won’t fall off.

These hangers have 360 degrees rotating hooks, and these hooks comprise chrome. These swivel hooks have an anti-rust feature. Moreover, the process of steaming a garment is convenient and easy to access.

These hangers are suitable for all types of clothing such as heavy coats, jackets, pants, bridal wears, and others as they have heavy-duty solid constructed round pants bar. The round pants bar is also wooden built. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the clothes sliding off, and the plastic cover will not crease your clothes.


  • Anti-rust hooks
  • They have shoulder notches
  • Durable and solid construction
  • Mold, damp, and moth-resistance hangers
  • Available in 4 colors


  • It takes space in the closet
  • All the hangers don’t have the same finishing

What Types of Hangers to Use in an RV

As we all know, RVs are compact, so the RV hangers must be slim and space-saving. The hanger thickness should be less, and we recommend you to use the hangers that have 0.2 to 0.3 inches of thickness.

Secondly, if you spend a lot of time in your RV, and change clothes in an RV, then the hangers must be non-slippery. You will not have to worry about your clothes coming off the hangers when you drive. Further, if the hangers are slippery, the clothes will fall again and again. And the clothes will pile up at the bottom of your RV’s closet. It will annoy you.

Why You Need RV Size Hangers

RV You can use hangers while traveling to stop your clothes from falling off the rod. It depends on the size of your RV’s closet, and it can be somewhat challenging to find an RV closet hanger that works. The hook on some closet rods is so large that normal size hangers can bounce off the rod when driven, even if the hangers fit fine.

So, it depends on your need and the size of your closet. We recommend you use 10 inches hanger for children, and for young kids, use 14 inches. Similarly, we recommend you 15 to 16 inches hanger for young men and small women. We recommend 16 to 17 inches for adults, and for extra-large men 19 inches hangers are perfect.

How to Keep Hangers from Falling Off the Clothes Rod

In our RV closet, we used to have the problem of hangers falling completely off the rod all the time. Each time we opened our closet, we saw many hangers at the bottom with all the clothes hanging off them. And yes, it was so annoying. So, we have some tips for you to avoid this frustrating situation.

Hangers That Won’t Fall Off

For RV usage, it is best to use non-slip hangers such as velvet hangers. These hangers are highly slim, space-saving, and keep your cloth in their position.

The other option is to use hangers that have a small and tight hook.

Make Closet Rod No-Slip

To make your closet rod non-slippery, you can use pool pump tubing or split loom tubing. Both of these tubes prevent the sliding of the hangers and keep them in their place.

No-Slip Closet Rods Simple Fix

If you don’t have a velvet hanger or pool pump tube, then cover the closet rod with any non-slippery item such as rug pad, tissue paper, or drawer liner.

Buying Guide For RV Clothes Hangers

Usually, we think it is not difficult to buy hangers, but after purchasing, we know that it is not good to use in an RV. So, we shared some points that you need to be considered before buying hangers. So, you can get the best hangers for your RV.


One of the most important factors is quality. RV hangers must have solid construction, so they last longer. Further, the hangers are made of wood, metal, and plastic. All these materials are good to use every day in RV.

If you want to hang heavy coats, jackets, and bridal wear, then go for wooden constructed hangers. On the other hand, plastic and metal hangers are also solid and suitable for heavy clothing. So, choose according to your need.


Size is another important factor that needs your attention. RV closets are not much spacious as we all know RVs are compact, but all the closets have different depths. Therefore, it depends on how big your closet is and what you need.

The recommended hanger size for children is 10 inches, and the recommended hanger size for young kids is 14 inches. In the same vein, young men and small women should wear hangers between 15 and 16 inches. For adults, 16 to 17 inches hangers are the best, and for extra-large men, 19 inches hangers are fine.


There are different companies that produce RV hangers, and the price varies. We always say price matters. You get more for your money when you pay more. Further, the price depends on the material and size.

The wooden and steel constructed hangers are slightly high in price as compared to plastic made hangers. But for your ease, we have the best pocket-friendly RV hangers that are highly durable. These hangers are perfect for daily usage.


How does RVS keep clothes on hangers?

Get some hangers that will prevent your clothes from sliding off, so try any of them mentioned above. The motion of your RV as it travels down the road causes it to sway and bounce. Thus, you may find your clothes falling off your hangers quite often. Eventually, they pile up at the bottom of your RV’s closet.

How do you keep a hanger from falling off in a camper?

Make sure you have a non-slip hanger in your RV. Still, if the clothes on the hangers are falling off, you can choose the hangers with felt or foam on them. Moreover, buy an accordion or ripple plastic piece to replace the hangers that keep falling off the rod. If the rod doesn’t have or the other option is to use velvet hangers.

How do you organize clothes in an RV?

Try these methods to organize your clothes in an RV.

  • Use a divider in the drawer
  • Try to fold clothes smaller
  • Use hangers
  • Use organizer box
  • Attach the hook on the back of the door
  • Use folding rod


Now, we hope this time you will get the Best RV Clothes Hangers easily for your RV closet. You can use ordinary hangers as well in your RV, but the only problem is the clothes falling from hangers. To avoid this clingy situation, we shared some ideas and tactics to prevent it.

Try any of the best hangers as mentioned earlier for your RV and keep it clean. Be organized!

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