How to Open RV Emergency Window From Outside

Are you an adventurer who is always on the roads to discover nature? Well, it’s a great hobby to spend your time with nature and explore the sceneries that reflect the image of paradise on earth.

The only thing that matters while traveling is the comfort level! And the journey lovers have RVs as their trip companions.

RV not only allows you to straighten your back on the bed when you feel tired, but also you can cook fresh food whenever you want. There is also an attached bath and loo, which is a plus point!

But have you ever faced a situation in which you have accidentally locked yourself out of your RV? If not, then you are lucky enough till yet, but it happens to travelers often. 

What will you do in such conditions when your body’s parasympathetic nervous system gets activated? There is nothing to panic about because there is an emergency window in every RV that allows you to enter if you have locked yourself out.

In this post, we will guide you on “how to open RV emergency window from outside?” 

Ways to Open RV Emergency Window from Outside

Ways to Open RV Emergency Window from Outside

Following are the methods that you can adopt to open your RV’s emergency window from outside!

Using a Screwdriver

You are busy gathering the dry sticks for the bonfire, and when you get free from the job, you suddenly remember that you have no key to open the door of your RV.

Such things usually happen at the moment of excitement. Therefore, it would be best if you found out the solution for it. The top-of-the-list method that you can adopt is to use a screwdriver for this job.

There are screws on the outer side of the window. Some RVs have sliding windows for emergency usage. If the emergency windows are not sliding, then the driver’s seat indeed has a sliding window.

But relax, as all RV models have an emergency window. The difference between the models is regarding the sliding emergency window or screw-fixed emergency window.

If your RV doesn’t have a sliding window for emergency usage, you need to open the screws. Wait! Are you planning to open the screws with the ordinary screwdriver? 

You need to open the window with a special screwdriver which we call the Phillips head screwdriver. Ensure that this screwdriver must be in your toolbox, which you have to carry along with you on the journey.

When you start losing the screws, you need to ensure that you don’t do it very quickly. There are chances that the window may fall from its position, and the glass may break.

Hence to avoid any such trouble, be careful. Once you open the windows, you need to open the seal. There is a rubber seal between the glass and frame of the window to ensure that the glass will remain stuck to the edge.

The removal of the seal is a forceful task. You need to remove the seal using the screwdriver. Please ensure that you impart no scratches on the glass or the walls of your RV.

Otherwise, your RV will look rough, and you have to invest some of your money in repainting your RV.

Once you have removed the seal, then slightly pull the glass. You will notice that the glass will start moving from its position.

Once you enter the RV, ensure to reseal the glass as soon as possible.

Other Ways of Opening the Window

The method, as mentioned earlier, is relatively safe and smooth. Moreover, you don’t need any expertise to adopt the way. All you need is the Phillips head screwdriver and a bit of practice.

But there are other ways that you can adopt to open the emergency window of your RV. The methods are as follows:

Glass Cutter

Glass cutters are also used to open the glass. It is the method adopted if no one has the screwdriver or has the practice of operating the screwdriver. 

But in this case, the owner must have the courage to bear the loss of glass. The glass is quite expensive, and the owner must have to replace it.

Break the Window

Break the Window

If you don’t have any tools available, then the only remaining option is breaking the glass. It is a very delicate and sensitive job as there is the risk that the glass pieces will spread on strike and can cause injury to the thrower.

It would be best if you maintain a safe distance while throwing the stone at your RV’s window. But we will recommend you not to adopt this way until it’s essential and you don’t have any option left behind.

It would be best if you also had to replace your broken glass with new glass. However, if you have adopted that way, you must know that you have to pay for this act.

Seek Help

Last but not least, a significant way is to seek help from any camper nearby. It is wise to seek someone who has experience regarding such things.

Ways to Avoid Such Condition

Indeed, no one wants to tackle such conditions by choice. But as we all know, care is better than cure. Hence, we will describe a method that will keep you safe from facing such a situation.

Duplicate Key

If you don’t want to damage your window’s glass or any scratches on it, you should have a separate key for this job.

It is wise to carry a duplicate key for your RV. If you have misplaced the original key during the journey or locked yourself out, your same key will be there to rescue you. Moreover, it is not an expensive job to make a duplicate key for your RV.

Video Tutorial

It is easy to understand the live demo of the process. Hence, we have included a video tutorial on how to help you open the emergency window of an RV. However, it would be best if you watched the complete tutorial of the window without skipping any second.

So, click on the window and grab the ways of opening the window in case of emergency:


The trip becomes more impressive if you don’t have to face such challenges. But in case of accidental conditions, there is no need to panic or collapse. 

Despite biting your nails and wiping your tears, you must prepare to face any trouble and have the equipment to deal with it.

We have taught you the ways that will be beneficial for you in the long run. You may not have any idea how to open the emergency window, but now you are familiar with all the ways.

We hope that you have found no complications in the methods. So, it will be a child’s pay for you.

Thank you for reading the article with great care and attention!

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