What is a Wet Bath in an RV – 3 Pros And Cons

If you have a smaller area in your RV for basic facilities like a separate bath and toilet, you might have probably heard of a solution named wet bath. So, you might ask what is a wet bath in an RV? It is a solution for smaller RV’s providing them with a combined area for shower and toilet. It surely doesn’t mean that the space in your RV won’t have other necessities like cabinets, a sink, and so on.

You can install these necessities in your RV, but it’s just that when you open the shower, the water will damp the entire space. That is why it is named Wet Bath and fascinatingly, its only purpose is not only to save space, but rather to provide a specific benefit to people in search of it. Here, we will discuss these benefits and drawbacks, while also mentioning its best use for people.

What is Wet Bath meant for?

These are great for campers vans, small trailers, and smaller RVs because they have limited space. They also work wonderfully for people who occasionally go out for trips. You get a showerhead, toilet, and sink usually in this bath, while most of the smaller houses also utilize it. The reviews are pretty good and people love to install them in their homes for better utilization.

Besides all this, there are various benefits, as well as drawbacks of using this bath. If you are looking for them, below we have the Pros and Cons described in detail. So, let’s hop into the Pros and Cons.


Camper Wet Bath vs Dry Bath

Effortless to Clean

Well, when you have all the necessary things inside a small space, you also get to enjoy effortless cleaning. The showerhead, toilet, and sink are available in a single place, so when you take a bath, you can clean the place without any worries.

Butter on top, you can use the same shower to clean the area. While, after a hot shower, extra soap or dirt can be effortlessly cleaned within seconds without you having to rub them. After a sincere clean, you now have to simply dry it out by wiping a cloth or towel all around. Having less space proves to be beneficial when it comes to drying as well.

A sitting position for the Shower

This is surely not the luxury provided by a separate bath and toilet. But here you get to enjoy sitting and showering in the same place. Having both a place to clean yourself and sit can prove beneficial. Not only will you have ease in cleaning your parts like feet, back, and leg sides but also you can enjoy this quality time.

That is not all because when you need a small area to sit in silence, you can enjoy this sitting position in your RV. A small and clean place will provide to be beneficial when you require some time alone.

Better Space Utilization

Now that you know what is a wet bath in an RV, let us discuss the top benefit of using it, which is better area utilization. In a smaller space, utilization of space is exceptionally important so why worry about having a separate bath and toilet, when you have all the necessary stuff to clean yourself here.

Camper vans, trailers, type B RVs, and even motorhomes of class C require these types of structures instead of those large sets because of limited space. So, utilization again proves to be a pro here.


Wet Bath in an RV

Really small space

These prove to be best for a few things like having a small camper but having a smaller area also has disadvantages. Smaller people can effortlessly take a shower and use the toilet, but when your height is a bit more, you will have quite a lot of issues with these space savers.

In the terms of reviews, most people love these small places but it depends on you whether you can work with it or not. It might take more time for you to wash and the seat is also small but still, you can use it. Instead of being in a benefit category, this poses to be a drawback of the damp bath.

Not meant for more members

If you are not alone and have more members traveling with you in that small RV, then there are quite a lot of issues. Yes, you can make time for each member, but when nature calls, you surely need to go urgently. This can become an issue and sometimes you will become angry to have a small area like this where all the necessities are places.

On the other hand, if you are taking a shower and a member has to use the toilet, then it will also become an issue. Couples can use the shared room, but it doesn’t work quite wonderfully for more members.

Wet area

The biggest issue you might face with this type of bathroom is that they become damp after you only use the shower. Having all the things in a single small area means having the issue of splashing water after a good shower.

A toilet surely has toilet paper around and also you might have towels to get you dry. The issue is that they can get damp easily even after you only splash some water on your face. Surely, you can get yourself one of those waterproof toilet paper holders and you can keep the towels outside the area to save them from getting damp, but still, it counts as an inconvenience.


Everything that you own has its own sets of benefits and drawbacks. The same is the case with a wet bath, it does make sense for small areas, is space-saving, separate places to sit and bath at the same time, and is easy to clean. But you also have issues if your size is a bit large, more members are traveling with you and you have toilet papers along with tissues in this area because they can get damp.

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