Low Wattage Toaster Ovens for RV 2023 – Top 7 Compared

Finding low wattage toaster ovens for RV is not an easy task as it is hard to generate power for an RV. So, RV appliances should be energy-saving. And in a hectic life, the toaster oven is one of the neediest appliances to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Additionally, in a toaster oven, you can not only make toast; you can make cookies, bacon, roast chicken, fruit crumble, cornbread, muffins, and much more.

The products we choose for review are highly versatile and compact. They are light in weight, promote portability, and are suitable for camping. Further, the toaster ovens are not as heavy on your pocket as the convectional ovens have. They have a reasonable price with all the standards and latest technology.  

Moreover, they offer easy to control as they have a user-friendly design, so beginners can also use it easily. Let’s look at our 7 best and top-notch Best Toaster Oven For RV.

Best Low Wattage Toaster Ovens for RVs

We will review the 7 low wattages and Small Toaster Oven For RV that serve you, give you precise results without consuming much power.

Top Pick
Dash Mini Toaster OvenCheck on Amazon
Editor’s Choice
Cuisinart Compact 2 Slice Toaster Check on Amazon
Black and Decker Toaster Oven TO1313 Check on Amazon
Dash Clear View ToasterCheck on Amazon
Mueller Toaster Oven 4 SliceCheck on Amazon
Chefman Toaster 2-Slice Pop-Up Stainless SteelCheck on Amazon
Keenstone Stainless Steel 2 Slice, Retro ToasterCheck on Amazon

Dash Mini Toaster Oven

Replace your previous large toaster oven with this small and adorable toaster over that can make your RV more attractive where you place it. This Small Toaster Oven For RV is a highly energy-efficient unit as it consumes 550 watts of power, making it one of the best Low Wattage Toaster Ovens for RV. So, make toast, paninis, cookies, bagels, and muffins in your RV without taking power’s tension. Plus, Transporting this toaster oven is easy due to its weight of only 4.2 pounds.

It comes with a dial-controlled timer that makes it easy for beginners to operate. Plus, it enables you to select the toast shade according to your taste buds and get the desired and precise results. And stop worrying about the overheating, thanks to the auto shut-off function that stops overheating your toasts. Further, the maximum temperature is 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dash Mini toaster oven needs minimal maintenance and is easy to clean. The Crumb tray, baking rack, and oven rack are detachable. Moreover, these parts are dishwasher-safe for your ease. The company offered a one-year warranty for the consumers’ peace of mind.


  • It occupies little space
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Available in various colors
  • Perfect for RVs and camping


  • One temperature setting

Mueller Toaster Oven 4 Slice Stainless Steel

An RV toaster should be compact, powerful, lightweight, and low wattage so you can make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner effectively. This Mueller Austria toaster is the perfect choice for your RV and has a massive capacity as it features 2 racks. It enables you to toast 4 slices of bread at a time and cook 9 inches of pizza. In addition, you can also cook hamburgers, bacon, nuggets, hot dogs, mozzarella sticks, mini quiches, egg rolls, and much more.

This toaster oven is designed with even toast technology that browns your bread evenly. And for more precise results, you can choose the shade according to your taste buds. Besides, you can also control the temperature settings, and the temperature ranges from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Toaster Oven For RV is equipped with 30 minutes timer as well as a stay-on setting. This mini toaster oven consumes 1100 watts of power. It is not only for toasting; it is multi-functional; you can bake, broil, and toast. In addition, you can keep your food warm until it’s time to serve it with the keep warm feature.


  • It heats up quickly
  • It cooks and bakes evenly
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Solid construction


  • The oven external gets hot

Black and Decker Toaster Oven TO1313

A perfect time to replace your large toaster oven with this compact size and massive capacity toaster oven. 4 slices of bread can be toasted at once, and 9 inches of pizza can be cooked. You can use this toaster in your RV, and it is a perfect choice, as it has 2 racks. This top-rated toaster oven for RVs includes a timer and stay-on function.

This toaster works as a baker, broiler, and toaster. With the keep warm feature, you can also keep your food warm until it is time for serving. Even toast technology ensures that your bread is evenly browned in this toaster oven. Besides the temperature setting, you can also adjust the temperature range, which is 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You may also choose the shade based on your preference for a more precise outcome.

It offers easy control and has stable feet. On the other hand, you can easily clean it, and the crumb tray comes out for your convenience. The power consumption is 1150 watts, making it a perfect choice for RV owners.


  • Sleek and compact design
  • Tray is detachable
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderate price
  • Easy to operate


  • Outside gets super hot
  • Sometimes uneven heat distribution

Dash Clear View Toaster

The RV appliances must be sleek and good-looking, which enriches the magnificence of your RV. So, try this Portable Oven For RV, which is super-cute and comes in enthralling colors. Moreover, it is not only a toaster; it is a multi-functional and multi-purpose unit. You can defrost, bagel, reheat your food with this toaster oven.

The extra-wide slot enables you to toast 2 slices of bread simultaneously and allows you to prepare waffles and other baked items. The best thing is to watch the toasting as it has a clear view window. Plus, the 7-shade setting feature makes it easy for you to customize your taste, and overheating is prevented by the auto-shutoff feature.

Dash toaster oven uses 1150 watts of power, so take no tension when using it in your RV. Clean-up is quick and easy with the glass window and crumb tray slide-out, and the outer surface is easily wipeable. On the other hand, you can access a recipe database as well as a recipe book. This see-through toaster comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Extra-wide slot
  • Available in 5 mesmerizing colors
  • Low price
  • See-through window
  • Multi-purpose toaster


  • Sometimes the toast go behind the toaster
  • It takes time in toasting

Cuisinart Compact 2 Slice Toaster CPT-122

Get your hands on this toaster oven that is a highly compact low wattage RV toaster oven and suitable for camping. The weight is only 2.6 pounds, so it is easy to transport and takes 900 watts of power, making it the perfect Camping Toaster Oven.

In certain cases, the bread may not pop cleanly out of the toaster because of its size. But, the toaster carriage rises when the bread is done toasting. Moreover, this Cuisinart mini toaster features a “HI Lift” lever that boosts upward. By doing so, you’ll be able to remove the bread from the toaster with your fingers easily.

Don’t go on the size; this toaster is versatile and features a bagel, defrost, and reheat. On the other hand, there are many ways to customize bread browning with shade control. So, toast your bread from light to brown shade with 7 shade settings with 1.5 inches wide slots.  

This Toaster Oven For Camper has a detachable crumb tray that makes clean-up easy and easy to maintain to make it long-lasting. Plus, it has a cord wrap below the unit for the purpose of tucking away unsightly power cords. It comes in 3 years of warranty for your satisfaction.


  • 7 shade settings
  • Low price
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Toasting is very fast


  • Sometimes uneven toasting

Chefman Toaster 2-Slice Pop-Up Stainless Steel

Add an enduring touch to your RV with this timeless, sleek design toaster oven. Chefman toaster uses 850 watts of power. It works effectively on low wattage, so it is suitable for RV and any other place where you have some power issue. Further, it is good for camping as well; it is lightweight so that you can take it with you effortlessly.

There are countless toasting options to choose from as this Toaster Oven For Camper has a built-in 7 shade setting. So, you can toast bagels, artisanal bread, muffins, buns, waffles, pop tarts, and pancakes because it comes with an extra-wide slot and multiple features. Thanks to the reheat, bagel, and defrost feature.

It is safe to use as it is designed with all the safety measures and approved by CETL. When removing the food from the toaster, you can boost the lever upwards with a high lift lever; lift the unit out of the way to be taken out easily. Additionally, it can safely prevent the fingers from getting too hot. Plus, it is easy to clean as it has a removable crumb tray that pops out effortlessly for easy cleaning and lies flush with the unit.


  • CETL approved
  • 7 browning settings
  • Lots of features
  • Reasonable price
  • User-friendly design


  • A bit hard to clean
  • Temperature control is not good

Keenstone Stainless Steel 2 Slice, Retro Toaster

The last on our list is a mini toaster oven that comes with all the standard features to serve you. It is perfect for RV owners who spend more time in their RVs as it can defrost and reheat your toast. Moreover, you stop the toaster during the working process as it has a cancel button.

Thanks to the LED timer display that lets you know how much time is left in toasting. The 6 shade setting allows you to select the shade according to your desire. Furthermore, when the toasting is done, the toast pops up as it comes with the lift lever so you can easily pick.

The 1.5 inches slot offers you to place a thick piece of bread for toasting. On the other hand, it has a user-friendly design that is easy to use and clean as the bread crumbs tray is removable. The stainless steel structure makes it durable as well. Lastly, to run, it needs 800 watts of power.


  • Multiple setting feature
  • Detachable crumb tray for easy cleaning
  • Cord wrap storage
  • High-lift lever
  • Lightweight and portable design


  • Toast burns at the highest setting

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What is a Low Wattage Toaster Oven?

Low wattage toaster oven, as the name, refers to the toaster ovens that consume less power. Convectional ovens consume more power as compared to toaster ovens.

Low Amp Rating

Having a low watt rating also means it has a low amp rating. Therefore, you would need to run a smaller cable or extension or use a smaller breaker to do so. Using an 1100 Watt toaster oven would mean only ten amps under 110 or five amps under 220 volts. For more understanding see the video below:

Lower Power Consumption

Toaster ovens with low power ratings can result in lower energy bills. With a low power rating, a toaster oven consumes less power in the long run. They are efficient for smaller portions of food since they were designed for smaller cooking chambers.

Small Electrical Source Needed

It is necessary to use a small generator in order to operate a low-wattage toaster oven. The toaster oven will be of particular use if you are camping since you would be able to use it effectively if you have a small generator.

What To Expect?

Toaster ovens come at various prices that allow the users to enjoy low wattage toaster ovens. Further, there are a few attributes that we have added here in the article for your perusal.


Toaster ovens with low wattages tend to be small. Smaller toaster ovens generally have a lower wattage and are smaller in size. This is because cooking food properly requires the generation of enough heat. Heat will be properly controlled with a large cooking chamber and a low wattage. Cooking chambers with a larger surface area have a faster heat dissipation rate. Low-wattage toaster ovens would be unable to produce enough heat to compensate for heat loss.


It costs more money and is larger to buy a convection toaster oven. The toaster ovens with low wattage are mainly simple models without extra features. You can select the temperature, heating mode, and timer using simple knob controls. The wattage of a toaster oven will depend on whether you want other features like the convection fan. Convection ovens, for those of you not familiar, add a fan inside the oven in order to circulate the heat uniformly inside the oven and ensure that the food is heated evenly from all sides.

Takes Longer to Heat Up

Toaster Ovens for RV and camping

When you have a low power rating, your toaster oven takes longer to heat. As a result, it takes some time for the heating elements to reach the desired temperature. With a low-wattage toaster, the maximum temperature reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not only expensive, but the oven would also have a high wattage rating if its broiling temperature setting is 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Can you use a toaster oven in an RV?

Absolutely yes, you can use a toaster oven in an RV, but the toaster oven should be energy-saving for an RV. According to us, Dash Mini Toaster Oven Cooker is one of the best energy-saving units. Additionally, it operates on 500 watts of power.

How many watts is a small toaster oven?

Usually, the toaster ovens are energy-saving; on our list, the wattage of the toaster over varies. The energy consumption ranges from 500 watts to 1200 watts.

How many amps does a small toaster oven use?

The small toaster oven uses 8 to 10 Amps. 1000 watts of toaster oven uses 10 amps.

Can you put an electric oven in an RV?

If you are usually at a campground and need to cook with electricity, a convection oven in your RV, then an electric oven is ideal. Newer RVs are equipped with these appliances. A large microwave would be about the right size for them, and almost all of them serve as both microwaves and ovens. Besides, if you need an oven for toasting only, use a toaster oven because it consumes less power.

What Can I Cook in a Toaster Oven?

Sausage and Peppers
Fish Fillets
Banana Bread
Green Beans
Sweet and Spicy Roasted Almonds
Roast Chicken
Fruit Crumble
Faux Apple Pie


Your RV life will surely be more enjoyable with a toaster oven. But make sure for an RV the toaster oven should be low wattage, compact in design, lightweight, and easy to clean as well. Further, all the toaster ovens for RV, as mentioned above, consume less power but work great.

These toaster ovens come with multiple setting features and are versatile to make multiple food items. Dash Mini Toaster Oven just needs 550 watts of power to run. Additionally, it is highly compact and comes with all standard features.

Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Plastic Toaster is also perfect for RV and camping. It has a wide slot, 7 shade setting, as well as comes in 3 years of warranty. It consumes 900 watts of power.

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