How to Waterproof RV Shower Walls?

So you’ve spent a lot of money on your RV walls, and now you want to make them waterproof to prevent them from cracking and leaking. Well, having an RV with your bathroom or shower walls means you’ve got everything within your access. But, to sustain and endure its usage, you need to follow a few steps to keep them in prime condition. Therefore, I have brought a stepwise guide on how to waterproof RV shower walls so you continue to get its great use.

In order to execute this procedure, you only need to spare an hour and a half of your busy schedule, read our detailed guidelines, and follow the instructions.

Why do You need Waterproof RV Shower Walls?

Well, an RV shower is not like an ordinary shower, yet it is equipped with lower water pressure and is less powerful. It means your RV showers take a bit longer to deliver water. However, one downfall of RV showers is that they are very prone to deteriorate due to the constant moisture and can get cracked quickly.

Thus, many experts recommend a few solutions, whether installing new shower walls or making your existing showers waterproof. Although waterproofing your RV shower walls is an excellent way to update your walls and prevent them from corrupting. 

To conduct this task, you need to have patience and a significant period of time. So, are you ready to sacrifice your weekend to update your RV shower walls?

Let’s begin!

Step by Step Guide

Before initiating this procedure, make sure you’ve got all pieces of equipment in your access so that you complete your project smoothly. Suppose you’ve removed RV walls and realize that one of the essential tools is missing; it would be the worst feeling ever. Anyhow, below is the checklist of tools you would need.

Tools You Require

  • A paint roller
  • A pencil
  • A roll of painter’s tape
  • Any cutting tool
  • Drill Machine
  • Gorilla glue any strong adhesive
  • Screws
  • Waterproof caulk

Step 1: Preparation

  • Place a few newspapers or pieces of paper on the floor and surrounding the walls in order to keep them clean.
  • To cover your RV bathtubs, you can place a piece of cloth on and around them in case splashing occurs.
  • Now take a waterproof can, open it up, and stir it to make a uniform mixture.
  • Then, pour a generous amount of this mixture into the caulk. Try to avoid spillage.

Step 2: Procedure

Now, the time has come to execute the process of making RV shower walls waterproof.

  • Turn the water supply on and drain the remaining water out of the tank.
  • Take out the shower surround.
  • Determine the location of the water hoses and cut the required holes cautiously.
  • Now place the shower surround and test whether you’ve cut it correctly.
  • Stick a substantial amount of Gorilla Glue on the back of it. Make sure to put glue more on the edges. 
  • Locate the RV shower head back to its place. Then, use a paint roller and roll the surround by pressing it back and forth.
  • Secure the RV shower with the help of screws and stick painter’s tape around its edges for solid fastening.
  • After one to two days, all coatings would become dry and secured to their places. Now remove the painter’s tapes.
  • Caulk around the edges, let it dry, and check out everything’s fixed.
  • Enjoy your waterproofed RV shower.

Other Incredible Ways to Waterproof RV Walls

Waterproof RV Walls

Now that you’ve got to know about the process of waterproofing your RV walls. There are some other exceptional ideas to consider while executing this process.

High Gloss Acrylic Panels

They do not get easily cracked, scratched, or faded if you obtain high-quality sleek acrylic wall panels. These walls not only prevent deterioration but also enhance the looks of your RV and add aesthetics to your surroundings.

Besides, these panels reflect light which also brightens your shower surround and gives an illusion of a vast space.

Acrylic Shower Pan

It is also suggested to acquire an acrylic shower pan base of an arc shape. This shower base is useful in terms of compactness and appearance. The curved shape allows you to fix it in any space. Moreover, it adds a new and trendy look to your bathroom.

Solid-Surface Waterproof Panels

Other than an acrylic sleek wall panel, it is also a pretty durable and right option if you acquire a solid-surface panel. It has a great thickness and weight, which make them pretty enduring and sturdy and go long-lastingly.

Another advantage of these walls is that they are effortless to install. Many people think these wall panels are hard to install, but it is the opposite.

Cool Benefits of Waterproofing RV Walls

One of the significant perks of making your RV walls waterproofed is that their work-life extends. Additionally, these walls prevent leakage and protect your roof from external factors such as snow, rain, UV rays, etc. 

Leakage Prevention

RV walls prevent your roofs from leakages. Since leaks can damage your interior and insulation, it ultimately diminishes the RV’s worth. Therefore, making your RV shower walls water-resistant not only stops the current leakage but prevents them from further leaking. If you have been facing such issues, it could be an excellent option for you.

Long-Lasting Roof

Above and beyond, the RV waterproof coatings elongate the work-life of your roofs and walls. It’s simple! The leakage causes the cracking or rupturing of walls. On one side, when the RV layer stops leakage, on the other side, the life of your RV walls would automatically increase. Furthermore, this coating also protects your roof from hailstones, snow, UV rays, undergrowth, and dirt and extends its life.

Final Words

Determining your RV shower wall problems could be a cumbersome take that most people fail to address. However, replacing these walls with new ones or making your existing RV waterproof is a more complicated process to execute. 

Waterproofing your RV walls is crucial because these shower walls are vulnerable to getting rotted by constant moisture. This deterioration could end up in the crack or rupture of the wall. Well, RV shower walls are already waterproofed; still, you need to conduct some steps to strengthen the water resistance.


Can I waterproof drywall above the shower?

Yes! You can coat your drywall with shellac or oil-based primer in order to protect them from moisture. However, these coatings could be toxic to humans, so make sure to wear a breathing apparatus while layering them. You can coat the primer using a paintbrush and let it dry.

Can I paint RV shower walls?

We’ll, RV shower walls are too smooth to paint. Therefore, rubbing a sand block rough helps in sustaining paint to your RV shower. 

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