How to Recover RV Jack Knife Sofa – 3 Simple Steps

Half of the fun of owning an RV is that you can park it anywhere and don’t have to pay for staying in hotels. Many RVs come with fitted furniture which lets you enjoy the RV experience to the maximum. Some RVs come empty, which lets you fit your furniture of choice. Either way, having a Jackknife sofa is essential for a full-fledged RV experience.

Jackknife Sofas

Jackknife Sofas are popular choices when thinking of furniture for RVs. The Sofas can change into beds when you need a spare bed. The jackknife sofas enhance the traveling experience for many groups because it’s essentially a portable beds. You don’t need a full-sized bed cramping up the RV, rather you can get this piece of useful furniture, and make it into a sofa, or bed based on your preference

Due to the rough, and outgoing nature of the RV, your Jackknife sofas can suffer a lot of wear and tear. Other than getting damaged, Jackknife sofas can get dirty quite quickly, hence why changing them is essential. Knowing how to repair RV Jackknife sofas is quite handy if you want to replace your old sofa covers with some new ones.

How to Recover RV Jack Knife Sofa

The first step that you have to make while recovering your sofa is to observe its condition first. If it’s damaged without repair, then you’ll have to get a new cover, or a whole new set entirely. If it’s salvageable, it’s better to just replace its cover. Depending on the situation, you’ll have to bring the necessary materials to help recover the RV jackknife.

Recovering the sofa

The three F’s

When dealing with a jackknife sofa there are three F’s that you have to be wary of which are Frame, Foam, and Fabric. All three components make up the aesthetic, and the feel of the sofa, and are the defining feature of your bedding experience with the jackknife sofa.

The frame is the skeleton of the sofa and is responsible for keeping it in place. The foam and the fabric bring out the overall feel of the sofa. All three of the components will be observed so that the recovering process gives more value to your jack knife sofa.

Getting started

You’ll first have to get a drill to take out the brackets. Once the brackets are off, your sofa is free, and no longer fixed to the RV. The next thing to do is to take measurements. The measurements won’t just include the sofa, but also the foam, and the cushions that will go along with it. Make sure to buy extra fabric just in case, it’s better to be ready for the unforeseen, rather than taking another trip to the store for extra fabric.

The fabric of the sofa will be removed first. You’ll need help from the back head of a hammer to properly take out the nails, or even better yet, pliers. The nails at the bottom of the sofa will be fixed tight, hence removing them first to let the fabric loose is the first cause of action. Once the whole fabric is off, check the frame if it’s usable, or if you have to discard it. if it’s in a good state, then no worries, otherwise small repairs will need to be done, depending on the frame.

The frame of the sofa

what is a jackknife sofa in an rv

If the frame of the sofa is wood, then small repairs can be easily made. Calling in help from a carpenter is also a good idea in this situation. Otherwise, if the sofa is made from any other material, then it’s better to call in a professional so that they can give the final verdict if the frame of the sofa is repairable, or if it’s better to discard it.


The next thing is installing the foam for the sofa. You’ll have to make sure that the foam within the sofa is the same size as the one you’re replacing. The thickness and the size of the sofa foam matter because it can cause problems for the foldable part of the sofa. Make sure to check if the sofa is comfier to your standards, the last thing you’ll want is a jack knife sofa that you’ll be waking up sore from.


Once everything on the sofa is in place, the last thing you’ll have to do is to replace the fabric. You can use the same fabric, or an entirely new one, which is up to your choice. A friendly word of advice is to use a fabric that is comfy, sturdy, and will match the aesthetic of your overall RV. Having a jack knife sofa that has a function, and style will go a long way for the overall feel of the RV.

If the fabric has some wrinkles, then it’s excusable. The fabric needs to cover the cushions, and the sofa to its corners, so you just have to keep attention to that. If the feel of the fabric doesn’t feel right, then give the cushions and the sofa to a sewing professional. It’s better to play it safe than sorry.


People are always rearing to go out on their RVs with their friends, and families. More often time than not, there’s not enough space to go around for everyone in the bedding department. The Jack Knife sofa is essential furniture in your RV for relaxing, sleeping, and resting purposes. RVs do not have the commodity of extra space, hence making do with what’s given is the smart choice, which is why Jack Knife Sofa’s the best way to go.

Being able to recover an RV jack knife sofa is important to have a custom sofa of your choice, as well as avoid mounting costs. The upkeep of any RV demands serious attention, as well as monetary expense. Getting a skillset such as this, will not only be beneficial for your RV, but will also be light on your wallet, and who wouldn’t mind that!

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