How to Pack an RV Refrigerator – Read These 8 Tips

Exploring nature and beautiful sceneries is everyone’s dream. If you are a nature lover, you must go to some hill stations to see the greenery or on the beach in summer to visualize a fine sunset.

If you are going alone or your family is with you, you need some stuff to eat! And that’s why your traveling companion, which is your RV, has a refrigerator in it.

Let’s suppose for a minute that you don’t have fresh food stock for your 5-10 days long journey, then how would you survive. That’s the excellent feature that RV provides to its owner!

But do you know how to take good advantage of this feature? Indeed, there is a protocol or guideline for using a gadget. Do you know the ways that can help you in your journey?

If not, then there is nothing to hide, as we are here to guide you on how to pack an RV refrigerator?

Most people consider this part a negligible factor, but they have to suffer as their food gets spoiled or the fridge ceases its functioning in the long run.

We will raise the curtain from the ways that will free you from the stress of food spoilage or damage to your refrigerator. 

What Are the Ways to Pack RV’s Refrigerator?

When you pack for your fridge for a journey, make sure that you follow every point mentioned below. Otherwise! Your amusement may turn into frustration. So here are the tips that you were looking for

  • Chalk out your meal schedule for the trip
  • Activate your refrigerator before leaving
  • Don’t load unnecessary stuff
  • Use food containers
  • RV Bracers
  • Secure & Close the fridge  door

Chalk Out Your Meal Schedule for the Trip

The packing of your RV’s refrigerator begins with the planning of your meal schedule. Yes! If you haven’t planned that you will have only breakfast and dinner or have lunch, you cannot pack your fridge. 

There is an old saying,” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So if you want that your tour becomes successful, then you need to plan first.

It would be best if you were very clear with your meal schedule. That will help you to pack the stuff according to the requirement. After deciding the meal plan for your journey, you have to look for the number of things you will eat.

It is wise to eat in a usual way while traveling as there are chances that overeating may upset your stomach. Make sure that you don’t eat less, as starving will lead to nutritional deficiency and lack of energy.

So, it is enough but not too much. Excess of everything is terrible.

Activate Your Refrigerator Before Leaving

Are you thinking that when you start your RV’s refrigerator, it will immediately begin working? If yes, then you need to correct your concept. If you haven’t used your RV for days, it is wise to activate the compressor by turning on the refrigerator.

Indeed, it takes some time, around 3-4 hours, to reach its maximum efficiency. If you place the food items in the refrigerator right after turning the fridge on, then there are high chances that your foodstuff may get spoiled.

Hence it would be best if you turned on the refrigerator before loading it with the food items.

Don’t Load Unnecessary Stuff

The biggest mistake that travelers usually make is the overloading of their RV’s refrigerator! When packing your RV’s refrigerator, always keep in mind that there is a big difference between a home and an RV fridge.

The average size of your home fridge ranges from 18-21 cubic feet. That is much greater than RV’s refrigerator as it ranges between 9-12 cubic feet.

So, how can you imagine loading the same amount of stuff in your RV’s fridge that is smaller than your home fridge?

If you overload your fridge, it will become difficult for the cooling air to pass through the stuff. Yes, you have read it right! There is a fan that regulates the air in the freezer to keep your stuff fresh. 

On overloading, the fridge there are two risks. The first one is your food may get spoiled due to an insufficient supply of cool air. The second one is the damage to the fridge due to overheating as a fan has to work more to supply the air and maintain the temperature.

Use Food Containers:

RV Food Containers

It’s good that you have purchased the grocery and other stuff for the journey. But it would be best if you used small and compact containers rather than placing the products in their original packing.

Plastic containers are air-tight, can be easily concealed, and are flexible. Hence, they acquire less space and increase the area for you to store other items.

If you want to eat bananas on the beach or have oranges in the valley, we recommend carrying such stuff in mesh bags.

The packing as mentioned above materials reduces the chances of spillage as well as spoilage.

RV Braces:

You never know about the roads from which you have to pass! When you and your RV are shaking due to the bumpy road, then how can your food items remain at a fixed place in the refrigerator.

Thus, RV braces are used that helps to keep things in a fixed place.

Close the Door:

Make sure you don’t keep your refrigerator door open for a long time. People usually take a lot of time picking the item from the fridge as they select the dress robes from their cupboards.

You need to be quick to grab the bag from your fridge and check that you have closed the door properly!

Are You Ready to Pack Your RV’s Refrigerator?

Have you analyzed the minute points which we usually ignore while traveling? These are many sensitive factors that can affect the condition of food or can cause damage to the refrigerator in the long run.

Before reading this post, you may not have any idea how you can pack your RV’s refrigerator? But now you have enough knowledge to handle the complexities.

We have tried to elaborate the factors straightforwardly. We hope that you have found this article beneficial.

Thank you for reading this post with great care and attention!

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