How to Keep Moisture Out of RV in Winter – 7 Best Ways!

One of the major issues you will face in an RV during winter is condensation and you might want to look for ways on How do I keep moisture out of my RV in winter? When you are living in your RV, doing basic work like cooking, bathing, and even breathing, there will be wetness which further leads to an issue known as condensation. It is not only dependent on the style of your living, but also the location which plays a major role in the vapor present in the air.

When the temperature starts dropping, the wetness level starts increasing in the RV and it isn’t something that should be taken lightly because it can damage the walls and floors. Cabinets and even the furniture. But, on top of all that, it can even cause problems in health. So, without any further ado let us get going with the cause and methods to solve this issue.

What causes condensation inside an RV?

  • When the wet and warm air inside the RV starts touching the windows and walls. Usually, this type of air is only created from the hanging of clothes to dry, cooking, and taking showers inside the closed RV. If you have an RV that comes with single-pane windows and much thinner walls, then the colder climates can cause this issue.
  • It can occur through wet and warm air that seeps into the cold RV through the windows, cracks, crevices, open doors, and alike.

How to keep moisture out of RV in winter

The primary thing you need to do is keep the causes away that are major role players in condensation. So, you need to do two things mainly which are;

  • Reduce the number of cold surfaces in the RV
  • Reduce the indoor humidity level

The best thing to do is try various things to keep the moisture out and then make a combination of things that work best with you and your RV. Keep in mind that this is not a game of guess, rather you have to purchase a hygrometer for indoor use. You can use it to keep in touch with the humidity level of the RV and make sure that it never goes beyond 50 percent.

Here are a few tips and tricks for you to try that work best for various people;

Using Vent Fans

When you feel the humidity, the best thing is to use the vent fans. By running these fans, you can evenly distribute the air and also reduce the dampness buildup. You can always open the windows with this combination to let the humid air escape quickly.

Dehumidifier Running

It is a device that helps you remove dampness from the atmosphere. This is done through the warm air currents drawn into the coils of their refrigerator. The best thing about these dehumidifiers is that they come in various sizes and capacities. You can use the one that goes well around your RV.

Avoid Hanging

The thing you should avoid is never hanging your washed clothes inside the RV, which are the major cause of humidity.

Skipping Gas Furnace

Have propane heaters in your RV? Well, you might be worried most about how to keep the moisture out of your RV. You can always switch to an electric heater that keeps the RV dry and nice instead of propane heaters that build up the humidity in the RV.

Raising the Temperature

Raising the Temperature

When the cold and warm air combine, it forms condensation. Raising the indoor temperature can minimize RV moisture. If the indoor temperature is higher, the temperature of cold surfaces can also rise like windows, which results in the minimization of the condensation process.


Raising the temperature, you need to make sure that you are using heat sources like electric heaters or the Heat pump.

Insulating the Floor

If you want to raise the temperature, you can always insulate the floors of the RV. In combination with the proper air circulation, this can aid you in increasing the temperature of specific areas in winter.

Some of the ways through which you can make floor temperature high are:

  • Installing the insulation foam board under the flooring
  • Automotive installation under flooring
  • RV Skirting

How to Keep RV Windows From Sweating

Most of the cause of moisture in your RV window and the reason is that the cold outside air lowers the temperature of the window, resulting in the droplets of liquid form. So, when you use insulation on windows, it causes the issues to be fixed.

Another way is to use the double-pane, energy-efficient windows that can insulate the camper for winter and result in a reduction. But it requires quite some budget and if you have a budget, it is the most recommended thing to do.


Various factors can cause your RV to form moisture. Here in this article, you will learn about factors that can cause condensation, along with a few major tips to reduce it. If you have a high budget, you can insulate your windows, and floors and purchase dehumidifiers but if you are low on budget, you can always go for custom things that can be done in your RV to reduce moisture buildup. In case you are not worried about it, your RV can get damaged and will require much more budget to restore.

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