How To Fix a Sagging RV Slide Out?

When you have an adventurous personality, the only thing that can be your companion in your journey is your RV. Whether you have picked a seashore to spend your holidays, or you are going to a valley to enjoy the golden sunrise and sunset, your RV is going to be with you.

But when you do some hectic job like collecting the dry sticks to burn fire or hunt for your meal, you feel tired. After completing such tough jobs without any helping hand, a person only wants sound sleep!

But if you are an RV owner, you must be familiar with the conditions that some RVs don’t have enough space. You cannot sleep properly due to congested bed space.

Thus, to resolve the issue, the RV owners use slide-outs to increase the space for their living and resting. Slide-outs can extend from 3ft-14ft.

 But there is trouble with these slide-outs. The slide-outs are manufactured with metals, mostly aluminum.

Hence, the metal starts rusting, and the slide begins sagging. The imbalanced slide-out can cause damage to your RV as well. Therefore you need to fix it before it can leave any worst effect on your pocket.

In this post, we are going to guide you about “How to fix a sagging RV slide out.” Don’t worry at all as there will be no complications. All you need is to read the post with great care and attention.

How to Adjust Slide Out on RV

So, here is the most awaited section. We will raise the curtain from the ways that will help you save your money from the repair of your downward slide out.

A particular tool is used for this purpose which we call the bar. The bar is placed on both sides of the slide-out. You can either attach it at the front end, middle, or end of the RV slide-outs.

The bar is not difficult to use. All you need is to loosen the bolts on the front side of the bar. Then it would be best if you placed it at your desired height. If you feel that you need to make further adjustments, then you have to loosen some more bolts. After reaching your particular size, you can tighten the bolts of the bar.

What are the Ways to Level the Slide Outs?

It would be best if you were very clear that you have to level the slide-outs. Otherwise, there will be enormous pressure on the slide-outs on the extension that they will bend or tear down just like toothpicks.

So, the following are the steps that will help you in leveling the slide outs:

  • The first step is to recharge your power source, which is your battery.
  • Then you need to generate some space. Make sure that there will be enough space so you can install the slide-outs.
  • After the generation of the area, you need to install the slide outs
  • The help of leveling blocks can be obtained by placing them under the rear end of your RV.
  • If you want to keep your RV at a fixed position during this job, you can prefer stabilizing jacks.
  • And the last step is to fix the position of the slide.

What are the Reasons for Sagging?

When you are using the slide-out for the extension in your RVs living room space, then you must know the ways of its proper use. If you deviate from the methods, then you are planning to invite the trouble to your doorstep.

Usually, every RV has a separate guideline regarding the usage of slide-out for RV. Some RV manuals have the instructions to bring your RV to a particular level; then, you have to pull the slide-outs.

If you directly go for pulling out the slide-outs without leveling the RV, you will cause damage to your RV. 

There will be an extra load on the slide-outs that will be going to break them. Hence you need to be vigilant before you perform any step.

If you are still feeling confused about the sliding out of your RV, then you can consult with some other RV owner. It will be a wise step to seek guidance from someone who is experienced.

 But you need to ensure that the person you are seeking guidelines for must have the same RV model as yours.

The second possible way is to go through the manual of your RV and follow the instructions.

What is the Cost of Repairing the Slide Out?

Don’t you feel trained to manage the situation? In such a case, there is a solution that can create a hole in your pocket. And nobody wants to suffer from such conditions as losing money hurts everyone. 

Now let’s come straight to the point! If you are not going to do it with your hands, you must look for an expert. But you must know that a professional charges a lot of money to deal with your trouble.

Commonly, the cost of repairing the sagging slide-out ranges from 1000-2200$. The price may vary from person to person and the condition of RV or damage.

If the damage is more significant, then you may have to pay more. If there is a minor problem, then there are chances that it may cost much less than 500$.

But the exact cost is only quoted by the mechanic after the analysis and diagnosis of the trouble.

That is why we recommend you to learn the way and deal with this issue by yourself.

Video Tutorial

 Are you still feeling confused after reading the description? Don’t worry anymore, as we will introduce the video tutorial that will help you grab the most accessible concept. 

As a video tutorial allows the viewer to understand and perform flawlessly, we have included this YouTube video link. Now the ball is in your court as you have to watch the video till the end.

Don’t take your eye off from the video, nor skip a single second. It will not consume much of your time.

So here is the Video:

Are You Ready to Fix Your Sagging RV Slide Out?

We want to conclude here. We have tried our level best to provide you with the complete information and best ways to resolve the sagging issue of your slide out.

We hope that you have successfully learned the ways and grabbed the reasons that lead to sagging. We have tried to deliver the techniques in the simplest form, and thus we have included the video link for your better understanding.

In our view, you are now ready to handle the trouble as you are now entirely aware of the procedure. So, if you feel that your slide out is sagging, make no delay and level it immediately to take a comfortable nap.

Thank you for reading the post with great zeal and zest.

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