How to Carry a Kayak on an RV – 5 Creative Ways

Summer is a pleasant time for you to visit the hills and valleys. Nature is a calling you with open arms to welcome you. Some green trees and flowers have spread the fragrance of freshness in the air.

Pack your bag and tie your shoelaces to visit such beautiful places where there is crystal blue water! Does it fascinate you to watch such beautiful places?

Do you want to enjoy such a beautiful scene? Why not! You can take your kayak with you to go with the flow of blue water when you know about how to carry kayak on an RV.

Moreover, you can see through the glassy water to the colored fishes swimming. There is a unique calmness that you experience when you are taking your kayak at the center of the lake. No doubt such moments are priceless.

Is there something bothering you from turning this dream into reality? Is this question horrifying you that how can you take your kayak with you to such places? Don’t worry at all because we are here with a solution that replicates your joy of the trip.

In this post, we will guide you on How to carry kayaks with a travel trailer or RV. So don’t go anywhere! Read this post till the end to find the answers to your question!

Ways to Carry Kayak on your RV

Ways to Carry Kayak on your RV

Indeed, you have your road partner with you, but you are willing to carry your companion that will help you to explore the natural sceneries of lakes and rivers.

We are not going to let you wait anymore! Here we are raising a curtain from the ways that will surely help you in carrying your kayak with you in your RV.

Storage Compartment

Don’t miss the chance to explore marine life at the place you are planning to visit. Take our word that you will feel overwhelmed after experiencing the swift swimming of fishes under your kayak.

The crystal-clear water will let you see the pebbles and stones settled at the bottom of the lakes. You will see the fishes playing hide and seek.

Just like your phone, your RV also has internal storage. There are compartments at the bottom side of your RV which have enough space to load your kayak.

These compartments may have a lock on them and you need a key to open them. Some RVs have sliding doors for such spacious rooms. But you have to locate your RV’s compartment that can carry your stuff.

Although the size of the compartment varies from RV to RV it is enough to carry your kayak.

Loading Your Kayak on the Roof of Your Motorhome

Loading your Kayak on the Roof of your Motorhome

If you haven’t found space in your storage compartment or you have loaded with other stuff then you can load your kayak on the roof of your RV.

Well, this is better than the idea to seek a kayak on rent when you can take yours with you. And if you are thinking that the rent will be affordable then you need to correct yourself as the prices are sky-high for a very short time interval.

So why spend your hard-earned money when you can tie your canoe on your RV’s top and can enjoy nature.

All you need to ensure is to pass through the tunnels and underpasses very carefully. There are chances that you may face any trouble due to the height limit.

Therefore, it will be better for you to adjust the height accordingly.

Loading Your Kayak on the Back of Your Motorhome

Loading your Kayak on the back of your RV

Don’t find enough space under your RV’s storage room nor you can tie your kayak on the top of your RV? We have a better idea! Why don’t you just hang it on the back of the RV?

Yes! just like you take your surfing board with you on the beach or you carry your bicycle to the mountains for cycling?

There will be no trouble for you in passing through a tunnel or underpass. This method is quite safe and easy as you don’t have to climb on the roof to load and unload the kayak.  

Pick the Suitable Kayak Trailer

Kayak trailers are the easiest way to carry a canoe with you to the camping site. You need to attach the trailer with your RV’s back end with the help of a screw and nut.

Then just have to put a foot on the paddle to pull it to the place where you want to spend your vacation to explore nature.

But you must keep in mind that you must look for a wallet-friendly trailer that does not create a hole in your pocket.

You can also look for a used trailer if you feel that the new one is out of your range or budget. The point to ponder while paying for the trailer is its physical condition.

The trailer must be painted well and there must be no corrosion. Moreover, the wheels must not cause any hindrance while moving uphill.

The size of your trailer depends on the size of your kayak. So, keep in mind that you have to pay for that trailer in which your kayak fits. Otherwise, it will be a loss of money for you!

Hoists to Hang the Kayak

Hoists to hang the Kayak

There is another option for those who want to take their water companion with them on their camping partner. The option is a bright idea about hanging the kayak on the ceiling of your RV by using hoists. You need to drill in the ceiling of your RV and then you have to fix the hoists.

The hoists have enough power to hold the weight of kayaks. That’s a better plan to manage the space and to avoid any trouble regarding the limitation of not passing through any tunnel or underpass.

Video Tutorial

Can’t find it much helpful? Don’t worry! We are not going to end up here! We have a better way to guide you on how you can fulfill this requirement for your trip.

You don’t have to let your shoulders down. We are going to add a video tutorial that will take a few minutes of your precious time to elaborate on the ways which can be beneficial for you for taking your kayak with you!

So, chin up and click on the below-mentioned link to watch the video tutorial. It will be a lot easier for you to pick up the concept from the video if you are feeling confused after reading the description.

Watch the video without double-tapping on your screen!

Are You Ready to Take Your Kayak With You?

We hope that you have got all the points. Lakes and rivers add charm to the beauty of nature. When it feels so good while imagining such scenery then how fascinating will it become when you will experience it by yourself.

So, we have tried to bring the best for you. We have delivered the easiest ways to you and provided you with the video tutorial so you don’t feel any confusion or create any trouble for yourself. We hope that you have got the point.

Now it’s up to you which way would you like to choose for your vacation to carry your kayak on your motorhome! We would like to conclude here! Thank you for reading the post with zeal and zest.


What is the maximum number of kayaks that I can load on Kayak’s rack?

It depends on the size of the rack and the size of the kayak. If you have large-sized kayaks then surely the number will reduce. But if we take the standards, then the number of maximum kayaks that can be loaded is 4 on a standard-size rack.

Should I purchase the trailer for carrying RVs or get it on rent?

If you have the enthusiasm to explore every natural spot in your country and you are a water baby, then you should go for buying the trailer rather than getting it on rent.

But if you don’t have a passion for exploring nature and just going to spend your vacation, then we recommend you not to invest such a great amount in the trailer. It will be better for you to hire it. It will cost you much less.

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