How Much Does an RV Solar System Cost?

The world has progressed widely since the last century. We’ve started harnessing the power of the sun’s rays, and with the passage of time, solar energy is becoming more accessible everywhere. With the exciting new solar power energy, you can get your RV fitted in with this new technology. Relying on your fixed battery with the fixed amount charge is now a thing of the past. With such new options, one wonders, RV solar system cost?

How much does an RV Solar System cost?

Your respective RV Solar System will have the basic cost of $1500 to a whopping $15k. The first thing you need to find out is how much solar power you’d need for your trailer. Depending on the need for solar energy, you can increase the number of solar panels, as well as the equipment that goes with it. The more solar power you’d need, the more expensive the setup will become.

Starter Off-Grid System

Starter Off-Grid System for RV

The first grid system consists of running all the necessities you’d need while going adventuring on your RV. Installing the starter off-grid system means you’ll need a 400-watt system.  The 400-watt system solar system will power small electronics like lights, fans, TV, and the usual things that don’t require much power. The solar power cells will only be able to power a fraction of the total appliances found within the RV.

The cost of the components could go from $1500 to around $4500. If you would want to run anything bigger than what’s listed such as the air conditioner or the refrigerator, then you’d need a separated generator powering these things up. The basic setup is good enough if you aren’t reliant enough on electrical appliances while you’re touring. The basic setup doesn’t have enough solar cells to help power up all the RV, but it provides enough for the essentials.

Comfortable Grid System

The next grid system will boost up your electrical appliance usage by a marginal amount. The components and the installation of this system will range from $7500 to $10K. You’ll be able to use the microwave, and the fridge but not for long. You can run all of the appliances in tendon with the ones mentioned, but for a limited time.

The system supports 800-watt power for the whole RV. You can keep running everything but not for long. If you want to run everything then you’d still need the help of an external generator. The setup is good for using heavier appliances when you need them, but running them for the long term isn’t viable.

The Complete Grid Set

If you want to run everything within your RV system 24/7 then getting the 1200 to 1500 watt system will be suitable for your need. The system will cost from $10k to $15K depending on how much you want to add to it. You can run essentially everything with the complete system.

The system will cover your roof fully and will add to the weight of your RV. You can run essentially all of the electrical appliances with the complete grid set. The complete grid system gives you the full freedom of using your appliances without worry, but it will cost a fortune for all the components, including installation to your RV.

The solar batteries give the RV’s batteries help with handling all the electrical appliances. Considering how many appliances you’re taking with you, it’s always a good idea to use an external source. Considering solar power is everywhere, and plentiful, investing in a powered solar system grid set will help you get all the appliances you need running without any problem.

Installation costs

When thinking about how much does RV solar costs, considering installation charges is important. No matter how you slice it up, a big amount of your funds will go into an installation by an expert, and the necessary electrical network to get all of the things working. Getting all of the necessary components will also take some funds, but it’s all worth it, considering all the advantages that it entails.

The main three components that will help the solar panels start charging are the battery, charged panels, and inverters. All three of the components work together to supply your whole RV with the power that you’d so desire.


Your inverters are responsible for converting the solar panel energy from DC current to AC current. The AC current is necessary for electrical appliances that rely more heavily on the electricity produced. If you’re looking just to run your average small appliances then you don’t need an inverter, but it’s always good to have if the need arises. The general cost of the components ranges from $100 to $400.

Charge Controllers

Charge Controllers for RV

Charge controllers are essentially your kill switch in case your batteries start overcharging. Charge controllers are fitted to prolong the life of your batteries and are an important part of your solar electrical system. The controllers also help get the battery from being drained if the batteries get low. Depending on the battery size, the setup can cost up to $100 to $150.


The batteries are the most important part of your solar system. Depending on the quality of the battery that you fit in your solar system, you can expect the cost to go from as low as $200 to around $1500. The amount and the brand of batteries can determine how much power you can store in the batteries for your whole RV. The number of batteries will increase with the number of solar cells, and so will the price.


Considering how advanced solar systems have become, it’s hard to narrow down a number to answer the question of how much does it cost to install solar panels on an RV. There are several factors that you’d have to consider before you even start considering how much it’s going to cost you. Depending on the budget, and on the amount of electrical energy you’d need for your RV, your installation costs, and the solar panels themselves could go to a sizeable amount.

If you have the budget, investing in a suitable solar power electrical system can lead to many advantages for your RV. Your traveling experience will become exponentially better, and hence why buying a solar power electrical system is always beneficial for someone that wants to improve his RV rides!

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