How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Run My RV AC?

Summer vacations are perfect for a family trip. You are planning to go out with your family or you have planned some hunting adventure, your traveling partner must be going with you.

You will be drenched in sweat after running behind the prey or searching for the dry logs for the bonfire. There must be an AC in your traveling partner that can blow a freezing wave of air to your body to cool down the temperature.

Yes, it is possible. All you need is to use solar panels that can act as a source of energy. But now the question must have been raised in your mind “How many solar panels do I need to run my RV ac?”

Well, you need to find out a suitable answer to this question. We are here to give you the answer to your query. It will be like that you wave your wand and say the magical words Abra Kadabra. You will find the solution in this post.

So read the post till the end if you are willing to know how much solar to run RV ac?

Can You Run RV AC on Solar?

Can You Run RV AC on Solar

Do you have any ambiguity regarding running RV ac on solar? Don’t feel confused, the answer to this question is yes! You can run RV ac on solar. But to beat the heat you need the right setup of the solar panel that can support and supply the required electricity to your AC.

Mechanism of Performance

The answer to the above question is related to the mechanism of performance. Some people question that how is it possible that a high voltage consuming air conditioner can function on solar?

For this question, the answer is that many factors determine the functioning of ac on solar, Although, some solar panels produce 12 volts of DC. The voltage is converted into alternating current with the help of an inverter. The additional voltage is stored in batteries.

12Volt is used to run the smaller appliances of the RV. If we are willing to run RV ac on solar then we need to design the system accordingly.

Factors that Count

It is not like that you can connect your air conditioner with any solar panel. You need to be very choosy while designing the system for the solar connectivity of RV’s ac.

There are some factors that you must keep in mind before setting up the system:

Size of Solar Panel

Usually, the RV’s ac consumes 13000 BTUs. But you need to check the consumption by using the LED indicators. The indicators will help you in determining how many BTUs your ac is consuming. If it will consume BTUs more than the limit then the light will start blinking.

So it will be great to pick a solar panel of great size so you don’t have to worry at all after paying the big chunk from your bank account.

The Number of Solar Panels

When you have determined the size of the solar panel, the next question is about the number of solar panels. The number varies on your RV air conditioner consumption rate. 

It means how fast your ac consumes the electricity from the batteries. If you keep your ac running for 4-5 hours continuously then it will consume the amperes at a faster rate.

Then the thing that matters is that are you using any other electrical appliance on solar connection? If you are using any other electrical device along with your AC then your batteries will drain quickly.

If you want them to recharge, then you must have to expose your solar power for RV air conditioner for at least 5 hours a day. Otherwise, you would not be able to face the brutal hot air blows.

Battery Capacity

You must need to mark the maximum and minimum usage of your RV ac. If you have encircled the per hour ampere consumption of your ac then you need to pick the battery that has more capacity than your AC’s per hour consumption rate.

It will help in storing the power. There are chances that you may face a cloudy and rainy day, where you aren’t able to see sunshine. So, the maximum storage capacity of your battery will support you for a longer period despite the consumption of power from the other end by your ac.

Picking the Right Inverter

The inverter is the essential component that helps in the conversion of DC into AC. Commonly, the ac needs 13500 BTUs for its proper functioning. To gain such a level you need an inverter that has a wattage range between 3500-4000.

The inverter must be efficient enough to generate the high starting wattage. If you pick the inverter of range 2500-3000 watts then it would not give you a high starting wattage. As the ac starts functioning at high wattage then its power consumption rate lowers.

So you need to pick the inverter very carefully.

Video Description

Do you have any doubt in any corner of your mind regarding the designing and setting up of a solar panel to run your RV ac? Don’t worry, here is the video tutorial for you that will help you in grabbing the concept without any confusion.

All you need is to watch the tutorial without blinking your eye or skipping any second. So click on the following link:

Are you Ready to Get a Cool Breeze from your RV’s AC?

We would like to conclude here! We hope that you have got the point and now you are ready to beat the heat with your RVs ac. Now it must be a child’s play for you to run your RV ac on solar. 

We hope that you have got the point that you need to find out by yourself “how many solars can I use to run my RV ac?” All of it depends on your consumption rate.

We have tried to make this post a single platform where you can find the answers to all your relevant questions. Setting up a solar system will set you free from the cost of battery recharging. Moreover, it is a renewable source of energy.

Thank you for reading the post with great care and attention.

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