How Long Do RV Batteries Last? – Mistakes You Can Avoid

Planning on going for a tour, but don’t know how long you will be connected with RV. Well, in this case, you might be looking for some details on How Long Do RV Batteries Last, When you are outside, staying at night in someplace unknown, or specifically camping, the worst part is having your batteries drained completely. To avoid these kinds of things, you need to know how long will they last.

Here we compiled this article to make sure you know exactly how long will your RV battery last so that you can plan accordingly or get a backup with you in case something goes wrong. Without any further delay, let us hop into the details. 

Factors affecting How long does an RV battery last

The timing depends on various factors. The whole estimate depends on these factors and below we are going to discuss these factors in detail:

  • The maintenance you are giving
  • The way they are stored
  • Power Demands
  • Recharging received


Well, if you are maintaining it correctly, it will last for more than 5 years or well around it. In this lifetime, the max voltage will be produced to operate components of RV. There are various maintenance practices that you can follow but the best ones include filling batteries with distilled.

When you are filling them with distilled water in a specific amount, the batteries will work for an extended period. Just don’t ever fill them with more than the typical amount. Finally, clean terminals afterward.

Camping Types

Camping Types

When you are going out camping, the timing will probably depend on the type of camping. Whether it is dry camping or there are electrical hookups. In case there is dry camping, you need to take a backup like solar power or a generator that will ensure you have a supply left at your disposal.


Well, when it comes to how long RV batteries last? You surely need to consider the storage or place where you are putting them. The best practice is to put the RV battery on the wood piece so that there is no unnecessary drainage.

In comparison to that, when you are placing them on the floor or ground, they will lose power quickly. The worst part here is that you will never know when it will happen, and it can create a big mess for you.

So, you need to make sure where you are storing them and when you are not using the batteries, make sure that no wires are connecting to the ground so that there is no discharge happening.


You might not be checking if they are charging properly after a while and that is probably an assumption that they are charged to the full extent. But, let us tell you that that is not the case here, before you are taking the battery for a charge you need to make sure that the terminals are working properly or in good condition.

You need to also ensure that they can lead to undercharging which can damage the battery. Now, you might be worried about the exact time required to charge your battery, right? Yes, the exact amount is around 72 hours and you have to take care of only over/undercharging which costs your battery way more than you can imagine.

Demands for Power

In case your power demand is higher than average then there is a high chance that these won’t last long. There is a strain on the battery to meet the demand for your power. So, it is natural the battery is going to drain quickly.

Here you will have to get the batteries for the RV that are according to your own needs so that there is enough power for your motorhome. Use “chassis” when you are starting or running the engine because they require more amount of current over a short period.

In other cases, there is a “coach” that is meant for recreational vehicle living rooms. Therefore, these types get your steady currents for more duration. Finally, there is an inconvenience when you switch the role of batteries.

Tips to Increase RV Battery Life

  • Correct Charging; You need to make exceptionally sure that the batteries are charging correctly like putting boundaries beyond 40 and reaching 100. So, you need to make sure that they start charging once they reach 40 percent.
  • Parasitic Loads; Parasitic loads are electronic devices that can drain the power in case your RV is turned off. When devices are running when the engine itself is off can result in a dead one. Further, you can go for the surge protector strips of power that can ensure you that the devices if off when it needs to be.
  • Heat and Humidity; the temperature can affect life. Hot weather can result in the water of batteries running dry quickly. When you are using distilled water, it can result in overheating, and the water level drains slowly.
  • Fluctuation of temperature; fluctuations in the environment can cause issues of heat, moisture, and more. So, you need to make sure that the batteries are present in the correct environment while a steady RV needs to be at a balanced temperature.

Myths you shouldn’t probably listen to:

Here are some points that are famous with RV persons but they are wrong;

  • Discharging before charging
  • Leaving it on the charger is much better than simply storing it
  • Requiring a brand-new one every season


So, when you went through the article on How Long Do RV Batteries Last, you might have noticed there is not an exact answer. Well, this is because it depends on your usability, some environmental factors, and the time of charging you deliver. No doubt, the more safely you use them, the more time it will deliver but some other factors are also required to be noticed. For this reason, we compiled this article to help you out in learning about these factors along with some myths and tips to back you up.

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