Does RV Refrigerator Work Better on Gas or Electricity?

When counting down the essential part of any trip, access to food is the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily, all modern RVs are attached with refrigerators, which lets you set aside the minor inconvenience of getting food on your trip. Considering the RV are a luxury for any wanderer, why packing it with all kinds of foods within the refrigerator is part of the appeal of traveling within the RV.

Your refrigerator within the RV can be connected to gas and electricity. Modern RVs are coming with more electric refrigerators, but it still begs the question of does RV refrigerators work better on gas or electricity. Whether you want to buy a new refrigerator or replace the one you already have, it’s important to know which type of fuel will help your refrigerator to run longer, as well as keep the food relatively fresh as well.

Does RV Refrigerator Work Better on Gas or Electric?

Which Refrigerator is Better for RV?

Electricity is the modern world’s go-to energy resource, which is why RV refrigerators work better with electricity. Electric refrigerators come packed with many modern RVs and for good reason. There are a plethora of various reasons why electric refrigerators have eclipsed gas refrigerators.

Why Electric Refrigerator Better?

Benefits of Electric RV Refrigerators

Electricity is the natural course that appliances have taken up. Electric refrigerators have replaced gas refrigerators because they have more benefits associated with them. Electric refrigerators are everywhere, easier to use, replace, and repair as well. Gas refrigerators have their benefits, but electric ones have left them in the dust.

Have Gas Refrigerators Become Obsolete?

That isn’t to say people aren’t still buying gas refrigerators. The appliances still have their use, and depending on the person, they may choose them over the electric ones. Each type has its perks associated with them, which is why delving into both of their uses is the best course of action.

What Makes Gas Refrigerators Different from Electric Ones?

Who Has the Quicker Cooling?

Gas refrigerators have to wait for the gas to heat up before the cooling can begin. As the gas pumps in the appliance, it takes a few minutes and depending on the age of the model, it could take longer. The cooling also depends on the ambient temperature of the RV. If you’re on a trip to a hotter climate, your refrigerator won’t effectively cool as it’s intended to.

Another thing to be wary of is the air pressure of the surrounding area. Gas is a physical matter, which makes it dependent on the surrounding atmosphere. If your RV is up in the mountains, or any place with a higher sea level, your gas refrigerator won’t work as effectively as it should. Driving on an inclined surface will also affect the efficiency of your refrigeration.

Electric refrigerators waste no time in cooling. No fuel heating is needed for refrigerators hence why as soon as you turn on the switch, the cooling will start. With the exclusion of fuel heating, your storage will remain much colder for longer periods. Getting to know the ins, and outs of these appliances helps you understand whether RV Refrigerators work better on gas or electricity.

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Why is Electricity Better than Gas Refrigerators?

Minimal Upkeep

Electric refrigerators don’t require too much upkeep. As they are the more common type, they are easily replaceable, and also quite easy to fix. With gas refrigerators, you need to have certain know-how of how to attach, operate, and keep it running. Many gas refrigerators also have various components that are quite dependent on each other to function properly.

More Efficient

It’s no surprise that electric refrigerators take the win in this department too. Gas is hard to come by when you’re on longer periods, while electricity isn’t that hard to manage. If you have a generator stacked in your RV, then you can easily attach it to the fridge if the need calls for it.

The gas refrigerators are dependent on the temperature, as well as the air pressure of the RV. If it’s hot, then the gas cooling won’t be as effective as electric cooling. When the RV goes on an incline or is traveling through any mountainous areas, then the cooling will also take longer to take effect as well.

More Cost-Effective

You can charge your battery at any place where there’s an electric line running through. Gas refrigerators are quite dependent on how much you’ll be willing to stop at gas stations to fill it up. Gas refrigerators also lose a lot of power due to atmospheric conditions, and the time it takes to get the cooling going.

Electric cooling is fast, efficient, and spontaneous. Not only does the cooling last longer, but the cooling rate is consistent throughout, which makes the electric type the clear winner.

Solar Energy

For gas fridges, you can’t hook them up with solar energy but with electric ones, it’s another story. Not only can you plug the electric refrigerators with batteries, but you can use solar power to instigate cooling. Some RVs come with solar cell linings on the roof, which can ease the power output of the battery, and also help power up the various appliances within the RV. Who knew that you’d ever use the sun to cook your food?

Easier to Hook Up

Using a gas refrigerator takes some technical knowledge. You have to know how to attach the gas line and make sure there isn’t any gas leaking from any pipe. Another thing to know is that before you leave for your trip, you have to plug the gas refrigerator for a whole day meaning you have to do a lot of unnecessary work just for it to do its job.

Electric refrigerators are quick and easy to operate. You just have to attach your switch, and voila, your food will stay cool for the rest of your journey.


RVs are houses, on wheels, and it’s only natural that each house has its fridge. Getting to know whether RV refrigerators work better on gas or electricity is crucial for long trips. With the information mentioned above, it’s clear to see that the electric refrigerator has got the gas one beat in all aspects. The electric RV refrigerators are the future, and hence taking one with you on your journey is the right choice for any wanderer!

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